New Laws Pertaining to Condominiums

Manitoba’s new Condominium Act and Regulations will come into force on February 1,     2015.The new act includes major changes in the development, buying and selling, ownership and operation of condominiums. The changes will apply to all condominium   developments in the province – large and small, new and existing.All condominium corporations and their boards, unit owners, developers, property managers, and real estate agents will need to adjust to these new laws.The declaration, by-laws and rules of a condominium corporation must comply with the new act and regulations. However, some of the changes apply to an individual condominium corporation and its unit owners only if the corporation amends its own declaration, by-laws or rules to include the change. (For example, the ability to fine unit owners, included in the new act, must be authorized by an individual condominium corporation’s by-laws.)Sometimes the act sets out minimum requirements. For example, the new act states that the quorum for dealing with business a a general meeting of a condominium corporation (which has four units or more) is 33 per cent, or any larger percentage required by a condominium corporation’s declaration.These are MAJOR changes and they are many.Please see the following link for highlights of the new Condominium Act and Regulations which accompany it. you have any concerns at all, please contact Cathy at 204-955-5810 or Wayne at 204-612-2668. We will be glad to help you address them.  
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